Old Doug's Plaza

A Community Gathering Place

Boise, Idaho

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Tropical Leaves

Old Doug's Amenities


Food  Hall and Trucks


Coffee, Tea, Kombucha


Private Events


Native and Exotic Plants


Local Beer and Wine Producers


Farmers Market

What is Old Doug's?

Old Doug's is short for Old Douglas Fir. These majestic giants can be found throughout the forests of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. They grow and gather in huge numbers and support numerous other living species. They are a symbol of strength, durability, and companionship.

At its heart, Old Doug's is a place for community members of all ages to gather. It will be made up of an indoor and outdoor plaza with:

  • 6 food trucks

  • 9 indoor Food Hall vendors

  • Local beer and wine

  • Private event space

  • Large, 11,000+ sqft indoor conservatory where people can gather with plants, socialize, study, and learn

  • 10 ft raised pavilion with views of the foothills, downtown, and BSU campus

  • Farmers market, local producer 

  • Public restrooms

  • Numerous species of plants

  • Rotating markets

  • Naturally inspired children's play area 

Old Doug's will be open to the public during business hours. We hope to bring value to the Boise Bench community by creating an area focused on bringing people and businesses together.


We value teamwork, collaboration, doing the right thing, sharing with our community, and celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

Tropical Leaves


Old Doug's Plaza was approve by Boise Planning and Zoning on August 2nd, 2021. We are pushing the project forward at full speed and hope be open in the summer or fall of 2022.